17 februari 2012

Gear: Grivel Quantum Light ice axe

During the ice climbing course I did recently, I used some new gear. Next to the Petzl Lynx crampons, also new were a pair of Grivel Quantum Light ice axes.
Grivel Quantum Light
Grivel Quantum Light ice axes, 1 with adze and 1 with hammer
 I modified the axes a little bit before I used them, which becomes obvious if you compare the picture above with this stock-image:

I removed the yellow accordion-shaped plastic thingie, which serves no real obvious purpose as far as I'm concerned. Removing it makes the axe look more 'clean', which I like. I also added a Grivel Easy Slider to each axe. Although I did not use the sling during the course (I would if I would be using the axes in an alpine environment), the plastic part of it allowed me to use the axe leashless.

The Grivel Quantum Light is very similar to the Grivel Matrix Light. The main (if not only?) difference is that the shaft of the Quantum Light is made of a carbon composite, and the Matrix Light is made of chromolly steel. The carbon composite, next to looking way cooler but also being more expensive, is supposed to generate less vibration when you hit the ice, which is nice, both for your arms, but also the ice.
Grivel Quantum Light review
 The pick of the ice axe is the Monster X, which is made for technical ice climbing. The weight of the pick, compared to the rest of the axe makes it a bit top-heavy. The extra weight in the head of the axe improves the swing and correct placement though.
Grivel Quantum Light
You can see the more aggresive line of both the shaft and the pick of the Quantum Light, if you compare it to the Grivel Air Tech Carbon, a more conventional ice axe.
Grivel Air Tech Carbon Grivel Quantum Light
In the picture below, you can see the axes in action.

one of the axes was supplied to me at no charge by klimwinkel.nl, in exchange for a review

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