29 januari 2012

Ice Climbing & Gear

There are a few things on my list of climbing-things-to-do, one of them is learning how to climb waterfall ice. I´ve been able to check this off, as this past week I've been Ice Climbing in Leusens, Austria.

Gasthaussfall Luesens
Leading part of the Gasthausfall, Luesens, Tirol, Austria.
Ice Climbing is pretty gear intensive; you need a lot of it, especially for long routes.

06 januari 2012

Denali: gear that worked & gear that didnt, before I totally forget

True to the name of the blog; on my trip to Denali I took a fairly big pile of gear.
A lot of it worked great, with some, I had some issues. All items are important, but some more then others. I would say the most important items are: