25 februari 2012

Gear: MLD Super Exodus backpack

This is a review of my Mountain Laurel Designs Super Exodus (2010) backpack, after a fair period of use.
MLD Exodus
You might think 'Super' Exodus? What makes it super? Well, if you go to MLD's website and look up the Exodus, you will no longer find that option, but back in 2010, Ron at MLD offered a 'Super' version of the packs he makes.

17 februari 2012

Gear: Grivel Quantum Light ice axe

During the ice climbing course I did recently, I used some new gear. Next to the Petzl Lynx crampons, also new were a pair of Grivel Quantum Light ice axes.
Grivel Quantum Light
Grivel Quantum Light ice axes, 1 with adze and 1 with hammer
 I modified the axes a little bit before I used them, which becomes obvious if you compare the picture above with this stock-image:

04 februari 2012

Gear: Petzl Lynx crampons

I've used the new Petzl Lynx crampons for the Ice Climbing course I did recently, and have already mentioned them in the post about Ice Climbing Gear. I thought I would also do a more in-depth review.
Petzl Lynx review

Petzl describe the Lynx crampons as modular crampons for ice and mixed climbing, with leverlock universal bindings. 'Modular' refers to the changeable frontpoints and bindings of the Lynx.