26 mei 2012

Gear: Butterfly Wallet

A 7 gram wallet. Really? Really. It's the Butterfly Wallet.
Apparently it's been around for a while, but I'd never seen it before, until I stumbled on it by chance.
This is it:
Butterfly Wallet Coupon
The Butterfly Wallet

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25 mei 2012

How to make an Alpine Quick Draw

I thought I'd do a quick blog on how to make an alpine quick draw.
An alpine quick draw is different from a sports-climbing one, because it has a longer, extendable sling. The long sling can be very usefull, but you don't wan't a 60cm long sling hanging from your harness.
But, what do you do with it?
Alpine Quick Draw
Alpine Quick Draw

17 mei 2012

Gear: Hanwag Ferrata Combi GTX

I've been using a pair of solid mountaineering boots, the Hanwag Omega GTX. These keep my feet warm enough down to -15c, and will take an automatic crampon. I used them for ice climbing last february. However, these boots can be a bit overkill for three season use and/or places where there's not so much snow or ice. So, I decided I needed another pair of boots for those conditions.
I got a pair of the Hanwag Ferrata Combi GTX.
Hanwag Ferrata Combi GTX
Hanwag Ferrata Combi GTX