26 mei 2012

Gear: Butterfly Wallet

A 7 gram wallet. Really? Really. It's the Butterfly Wallet.
Apparently it's been around for a while, but I'd never seen it before, until I stumbled on it by chance.
This is it:
Butterfly Wallet Coupon
The Butterfly Wallet

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This wallet probably isn't for everybody, but for lightweight enthousiasts - climbers, hikers etc., they're great. Very easy to take with you on a climb. They weigh only 7 grams, have three segments for cards (in the picture above there are 3 cards in every segment, and the wallet still folds up easily) and has one segment for cash (bills, that is).
Butterfly Wallet Coupon Code
Proof: a wallet that weighs only 7 grams
They come in various colors, black, blue, purple, and a few others. Personally, I like the 'sky blue' color.
butterfly wallet coupon code
A 'sky blue' Butterfly Wallet
So, what's not to like. It's light - it's only 7 grams. It's compact - it's the smallest wallet I've ever owned. And it's cheap - only $14,95!

Update: there now is an updated version of the Butterfly Wallet available. I was sent one to review, and will update this post in the near future.

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Butterfly Wallet Coupon Code
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oh yes, it comes in red now, too!

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